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STAY CLOSE / BSX at Lokal Hotel

by Elena on April 10, 2017

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STAY WITH ME / Bus Stop X Style Session // Elizabeth at LOKAL HOTEL

We photographed artist & illustrator Elizabeth Bergeland in a few of our new oxfords at Philly’s first “invisible service” boutique hotel, Lokal Hotel. Nestled inside the “Billy” room high above 3rd Street in Old City, we enjoyed a bit of a staycation, chatting & relaxing while Elizabeth lounged around the room in her oxfords, exploring all of its charming nooks & crannies, her effortless natural beauty lighting up the considered space. When she revealed her first look to us, a rustling long maxi skirt and romantic top, it was like she had stepped out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel. The room was an exquisite mix of urban design, laid-back, lived-in cool, colonial charm & mid-century modern vibes, thanks to design duo Jersey Ice Cream Co. (We didn’t want to leave). The hotel is the perfect intimate backdrop for our new women’s oxford collection, and the perfect spot to pretend to be a tourist, post up & chill.


Featured Styles // BUS STOP X Mineral, Desert, Rose Quartz, North Star, Waterfall oxfords, & Tobacco Handbag

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