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New Designer / VAGABOND / AW 18

by Elena on September 30, 2018

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New Designer Spotlight // Vagabond

  • vagabond: a person who wanders from place to place without a fixed home; nomadic.

“A Shoemaker’s Story  Vagabond was founded in Sweden, in 1973. We’ve been on the move ever since. Today, there are two million shoes & accessories on display worldwide each year. Being able to fully own our ideas, and the skills needed to implement them, makes us extremely proud and inspired to continue on our shoemaker’s journey.”

Each new Vagabond Shoemakers Collection is about maintaining our long-term take on style and quality. A new collection comes alive through a rigorous design and prototyping process which takes place in our studio in Varberg. For us, it’s about continually moving forward, being bold and trying new paths. Always searching; we are modern vagabonds.”

“With sustainability as a neutral part of our everyday business, we are now ready to launch our Shoe Bring Back initiative in all concept stores. In cooperation with German I:Collect, the aim is to encourage all consumers to take responsibility for their used shoes.

“Recycling is, alongside our aim of using more sustainable materials and production processes, a focus area for us, where brands and consumers really can cooperate in closing the loop,” says Ulrika Simonsson, CSR Manager at Vagabond Shoemakers.

Why does BUS STOP love Vagabond shoes? Their classic styles with an edgy, modern twist are perfect for so many fall looks. Bright blue offsets organic tones, while burgundy fits right in the classic pallet. Their sleek slip-on silhouettes have bold shapes, defining the leg in the pointed or rounded toe. Their comfort makes them a perfect day or night shoe.

For work or play, Vagabond shoes look stylish and add just the right amount of edge with a mission you will want to get behind.

Come in and try a pair, and welcome Vagabond to BUS STOP!