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#BusStopLoves / Victoria Prizzia in BUS STOP X Afar Forever

by Elena on January 10, 2019

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#BusStopLoves //


We photographed the beautiful, brilliant visionary Victoria, owner of Habithèque Inc. an interpretive planning and design studio based in Philadelphia. For more than fifteen years, Habithèque has connected organizations, firms and individuals to create dynamic spaces for education, storytelling, and cultural & community engagement. Habithèque’s work is interdisciplinary to its core—linking technology, public art, narrative and science in the process of crafting immersive, unexpected and enticing exhibits and experiences for learning.

Our Victoria creates special, thoughtful, accessible spaces to explore with all her love, all her might, and all her very own unique vision…

This is why we felt Vic was the perfect model for our NEW favourite BUS STOP X styles. She is our good friend, brilliant muse, & special soul. She has worn our shoes well since we opened our doors. Her beautiful natural space was the perfect spot to explore in our new collection. We felt like we were on a retreat. Her home is a respite from bustling urban life, surrounded by acres of trees, a flowing river, snow-covered grounds, rolling hills, and fresh cool air! Cell reception is limited & there isn’t the convenience of the city, with everything accessible at your finger tips – and that’s just what we love about her home & what makes it so special. Time stops at her nest. We slowed down here. We reconnected with nature & ourselves and our creative juices flowed, adorning her in our newest creations.

This magical place suits her & our shoes. I hope you enjoy peeking into our journey, a day trip to the woods of Pennsylvania, from day to night, featuring our lovely muse, her wise old doggie Reg, and the sights, sounds, and feels of nature.

A little bit about Jane Hope the photographer who shot these beautiful photographs. Jane has more than two decades of experience working in the fields of flowers, gardens, and landscapes. She developed photography skills while documenting her work and learned to love using the medium as a method of communication, so this was a perfect setting for her!

Featuring AW18 BUS STOP X AFAR Forever styles from our newest collection

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